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What is a Mediport? A mediport is an implantable device, placed under the skin, used to give therapy or withdraw blood. It is simply a small reservoir with a rubber septum that can be repeatedly punctured with a special type of needle. There is a tube (catheter) that runs from the reservoir into your vein […]

What is a PICC? A PICC is short for a peripherally inserted central catheter that is a special type of IV. A PICC line consists of a long plastic tube inserted in a small vein in your arm that extends all the way into the large vein in your chest near your heart. Why is […]

What is Chemoembolization? Chemoembolization is a treatment option for patients who have cancer that involves the liver. It is used for tumors that cannot be removed by surgery because of the location or the number of tumors present. Both tumors that have originated in the liver (primary liver cancer) and tumors that have spread (“metastasized”) […]

What is tumor ablation? Interventional Radiologists have developed techniques to apply heating or freezing probes directly into tumors to kill cancer cells resulting in the elimination of the need for a bigger surgical procedure. This type of treatment, called tumor ablation, is a relatively new technique that is showing promising results for treating cancer. Depending […]

What is Radioembolization? Radioembolization is a minimally invasive treatment used to treat primary or metastatic liver cancer. It may also be called intra-arterial brachytherapy or Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT). It uses microspheres with Yttrium-90, which are radioactive beads, to treat the cancer. These tiny beads, or microspheres, are placed directly into the tumor. The […]

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